Learn How to Manage Your Time with #bytelearning

Learning bytes are short courses, typically no more than 6 minutes, that are designed to be easy to digest. You can search Rumie’s library for the topics you would like to learn, then choose a course and start learning!

This week’s #bytelearning follows the theme #lifeskills. Take a look at the following learning bytes to learn how to better manage your time:

Find Your Work-life Balance begins with a reflection on your daily tasks, then helps you find a way to create a balance between work, school, and fun.

4 Strategies to Help You Find a Balance Between Your Part-time Job and School Work shares the best ways to find time for you, how to build a support system, and how to plan ahead.

How Can I Stay Organized with Multiple Project Timelines? This learning byte teaches you how to organize and manage your timelines through planning, prioritizing tasks, and rewarding yourself.

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