Free Application for Indigenous Applicants at Red River College in June

Any application submitted at Red River College (RRC) between June 1 and June 30 will have the application fee waived for all First Nations, Métis and Inuit applicants. All programs and all intakes are eligible for only one free application. Additional applications will be subject to the normal fees.

Before applying, you should review the program admission requirements, as well as the program start date, location and fees. If you need any help you can contact our Indigenous Admissions Advisor (Weeshengaawin) or email

You will be able to apply online through an RRC Polytech account. You can work on your application over several sessions, upload required documents, view your final application and more. You can start your online application here,

You can also apply in person at one of the Student Service Centres. You can check the locations of the centres here,

RRC Polytech offers 150 programs. You can explore the different programs here, Results : RRC Polytech: Program Explorer.