3 of the Best Free Virtual Skill-Building Resources

Would you like to further your interests and skills using virtual skill-building resources? If you like to learn and keep your brain active, we’ve got you covered! For those subjects you love or that topic you want to learn more about, virtual resources can help you. From biology to history, you can expand your knowledge through interactive lessons. 

Check out these 3 free virtual skill-building resources:

Codecademy logo, which has a rectangle around the word code. 

1. Use Codecademy to learn computer science, coding, and web development. You can take lessons in HTML/CSS, Python 2, JavaScript, Java, and more. Codecademy’s free and interactive courses offer you the opportunity to explore courses about skills you might be interested in pursuing further.

TED logo.

2. Visit TED, a non-profit organization that aims to make great ideas accessible and create conversation. These ideas are primarily in the form of short talks, under 18 minutes. This is a great resource to expand your knowledge of current events, hear advice from professionals, and listen to inspiring stories.     

You do not need to create an account to access content on the site, however there are options for a paid membership.

Khan Academy logo.

3. Khan Academy offers free world-class education for everyone through a set of virtual tools. This organization produces short lessons in math, biology, history, economics, grammar, and more, in the form of practice problems, articles, and videos.

There are different levels of education with many topics in each. You can create an account or browse courses without one.

I have been taking the first year university course on world history, which is easy to follow. I enjoy watching the video lessons the most, so I recommend trying one if you find a subject that you’re interested in.  

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