Manage a Stressful Semester with #bytelearning

Learning bytes are short courses, typically no more than 6 minutes, that are designed to be easy to digest. You can search Rumie’s library for the topics you would like to learn, then choose a course and start learning!

This week’s #bytelearning follows the theme #education. Take a look at the following learning bytes to learn healthy eating tips:

3 Ways to Study Smart Shares tips that can help you create study habits that work for you. Sometimes we might be missing just a few tips that can improve our studying.

5 Ways to Focus on Your Mental Health This Semester Teaches you how important it is to focus on your mental health first. School is important, but it’s not everything. You matter too!

How Can Routine Help Me Manage Stress? This learning byte is a great resource to use if you are having trouble getting your tasks done because of stress. Getting a routine going can work wonders and help you manage your stress.

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“We fill the gap between what you learned at school and what it takes to succeed by building the habit of lifelong learning.” – Rumie Initiative. 

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